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-Is Sunday School Worse than a Failure?

by Dr. D ~ June 17th, 2009

ben & melinda - sunday school.

(Image by bhardy via Flickr)

There’s a survey that seems to indicate that young people who regularly attended Sunday School growing up are more likely to leave the church in their 20’s and even more likely to question the authority of the Bible, defend same-sex marriage, abortion, and premarital sex.

Response: If this is true than Sunday Schools would seem to be worse than a failure.

However, is it the teaching and the classes themselves which are a failure in passing on the faith adequately to a new generation, or is it the parents who after all have the them far longer than 1 hour a week? The statistics could be accurate and yet the Sunday Schools themselves may not be to blame but more likely is just a common factor.

I find it hard to believe that young people actually end up leaving the church because of their Sunday School experiences growing up. One question I have is this–what kind of churches did these young people in the survey go to? If they were from liberal mainline Protestant churches than the results would be totally understandable. 

Any one out there want to comment? Is Sunday School actually pushing our children away from the faith?            *Top

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