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“Why I Can’t Perform a Same-Sex Wedding”

by Dr. D ~ June 11th, 2009

image Here’s an article by J. Lee Grady, editor of Charisma Magazine: “Why I Can’t Perform a Same-Sex Wedding

Here is some quotes:

While the debate rages over whether states should sanction gay marriage (we can argue about that later), we Christians must cling to three key principles revealed in the first chapters of Genesis:

1. God’s nature is revealed through male and female.

2. God’s kingdom is advanced through heterosexual unions.

3. Marriage was always intended to be monogamous.

Grady concludes with these thought:

“Our culture is seeking to redefine marriage in our generation—and they are enlisting politicians to help them.” …

“Biblical marriage is not two men or two women; neither is it one man and four women (which Islamic law allows), a man and a child or three men and a baby. Marriage is a holy institution, and the church should keep it that way regardless of where our culture ends up drifting on this issue, or what people are allowed to do in a city courthouse. The Christian community must stand on the side of truth, not in a murky middle ground of compromise.”

<<Read the whole article>>

Response: This article does represent my feelings and convictions on this issue. However, I do believe that some changes are in order for how Christians respond to or at least come across to LGBT folks. Somehow or another our defense of traditional marriage has come across as ‘hateful’ to the gay community. This is unfortunate because the gospel is for all people and we as Christians are called to love everybody including LGBT folks and even our enemies.

Somehow or another our defense of a ‘Biblical world view’ is being received as against people rather than issue oriented. We Christians really do need to find ways to reach out to folks of different lifestyles in love without projecting judgment and yet without compromising our Biblical views and ideals.

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