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-Graduating HS Students Defy ACLU Suit and Recite Lord’s Prayer

by Dr. D ~ June 6th, 2009

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Facing up to a recent pending lawsuit brought by the ACLU against their high school, Pace High School in Florida, the senior graduating class rose together and recited the Lord’s Prayer during the graduation ceremony defying a ACLU order that forbids any religious expression on campus. In addition, many of the students had also painted crosses on their graduation caps to make a statement of faith against the lawsuit.

In settling the suit, the school district’s legal counsel had agreed to a consent decree that bans all Santa Rose County School District workers from engaging in prayer or religious activities on campus, also they attempted to regulate traditional student graduation speeches. As a result, two senior student leaders were not allowed to give their speeches because they contained religious expression or references.

The students organized the response all on their own—after the principal asked everyone to be seated for the ceremony, the graduating seniors remained standing and recited the Lord’s Prayer.

Response: Hooray for the Students! They may not be ‘little children’ but they are leading the way here. Now what—I wonder if the ACLU going to sue all of the students for their display of religious expression and freedom of speech? Probably would if they could.

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