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-The Clash of two Growing Movements in Europe- Gays Vs. Muslims

by Dr. D ~ May 28th, 2009

1ano8 image This is cultural/religious conflict ‘par excellence’. There are two growing movements in Europe that at some point will probably result in some major conflicts—homosexuals and Muslims.

Gay activism has been on the rise in Europe for more that a generation and the majority in most European countries find the homosexual lifestyle to be acceptable, particularly France. However, Islam is also growing exponentially in Europe and has very little tolerance for Homosexuality. Already there are reports of Gays being attacked even in supposed havens like Amsterdam. Also, European Muslim clerics refuse to back down from the Islamic teaching that Homosexuals should be stoned which is tantamount to actually encouraging violence against gays.

This is placing the European governments in a position that they mostly don’t want to be in—protecting homosexual citizens from persecution and violence from the Muslim community. This is a powder keg that is destined to plague Europe increasingly in the future with the continued rise of Islam in European countries.

Here’s one article I’ve recently read on this issue: “Can Muslims and Gays Coexist in Europe?”

It is an interesting issue for me as an observer since as a Biblical Christian I could hardly be considered a supporter of the gay lifestyle. However, I do believe that homosexuals should have equal rights along with everyone else and complete protection from violence and persecution. This puts me squarely on their side in any battle between Gays and Muslims.            *Top 

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