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-Now Prop 8 is Going to Federal Court on Appeal—a ‘Hail Mary’ Move?

by Dr. D ~ May 27th, 2009

(Picture- San Francisco protest via Wikipedia)

Two ‘Class A’ heavy hitting lawyers, Ted Olson and David Boies, filed an appeal today in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco hoping to overturn the California Supreme Court decision yesterday that ruled in favor of Prop 8-the traditional marriage amendment.

Thousands of Gay activists demonstrated in San Francisco yesterday while those of us who supported Prop 8 were celebrating that it was finally over. But it ain’t really over till it’s over!

Now today comes the word of further legal action taking it to the federal courts. This is tantamount to being like a ‘hail Mary’ pass in football to win it all in one desperate play. Taking it to Federal court has risks for both sides of the issue. Quite a few gay activists and supporters are concerned that this may not be the best move.

If it ends up in the US Supreme Court, the legal grounds for same-sex marriage could be decided for the entire country one way or another. Obviously this is a story that we will continue to follow.

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