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-California Supreme Court Says Yes on 8

by Dr. D ~ May 26th, 2009

imageToday the California Supreme Court joined the voters of California by voting 6-1 in favor of Prop.8 –the traditional marriage amendment. This is the same court that caused the problem in the first place by allowing same-sex marriage by judicial fiat in 2008. The 18,000 or so same –sex marriages conducted prior to the passage of the proposition will continue to be recognized.

Response: This is really good news for those of us who have supported traditional marriage and the resolution of this issue through a actual vote of the people.

This really does help in the continuing battle over marriage in the USA that has seen 5 states so far recognize Same-sex marriages. Most of the momentum has been going the other direction—particularly in the North Eastern section of the country.

However, California is a very influential state that is usually a cultural ‘bellwether’ for the entire country. Usually it is said that ‘so goes California—so goes the whole country’. Hopefully that will be the case–this time for good.         *Top

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