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-An Agnostic Bishop?

by Dr. D ~ May 24th, 2009

image From Dr. Albert Mohler comes this story:

“Richard Holloway is a Bishop of the Scottish Episcopal Church. There seems to be on obvious problem — he doesn’t believe in God.  In the Scottish Episcopal Church, that must not be a problem.

Bishop Holloway served for years as Bishop of Edinburgh and primate of the Scottish church.”

Response: Let me get this straight, for years this agnostic ‘bishop’ served as the titular head of the Scottish Episcopal Church. He is now retired but continues to minister in good standing—”who still preaches from the pulpit, performs baptisms and weddings and even presides at communion.”

I’m sure they wonder why the church in Scotland is in decline–incredible. However, I’m sure there are probably quite a few more in the Anglican and Episcopal community that hide their agnostic beliefs.

I can remember that quite a few main-line ministers back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, when I was in seminary, which were caught up in the “death of God” theology that was all the rage at the time.            *Top

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