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-66 Year Old Uses IVF to get Pregnant!

by Dr. D ~ May 22nd, 2009

image (Mark Large/Whitehotpix/ZUMA Press)

Here is the story of a 66 year-old successful career woman, Elizabeth Adeney, that had it all—except a child. She went to an IVF (in vitro fertilization) clinic in the Ukraine and now is 8 months along and will soon be a mother.

Response: First the ‘Octo-mom’ and now the ‘Senior-Citizen-mom’. Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should. This mother will be over 80 when her child is in high school (if she’s still alive)! I had trouble enough dealing with my 4 teenagers when I was in my forties.

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2 Responses to -66 Year Old Uses IVF to get Pregnant!

  1. Becks

    No way would I do it. But I haven’t walked a mile in her shoes, either. There are many children who come into far worse situations than this one. Having a single older mother who desperately wants the child and can provide for it financially? Pretty sure I’d prefer her over Octomom.

    The way I look at it is, if God hadn’t wanted her to have this baby, she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. Maybe some will think that’s a silly statement. As people of faith, I think we should pray for a long, healthy, happy life for Ms. Adeney AND her child. That would be the best possible outcome, in my opinion.

  2. Kate C.

    There is some rather ugly stuff in the Sunday Mail about her and her brief marriage. She apparently went through IVF more than once during the 8 months she was married, before being told by the clinic’s ethics committee that she should not continue treatment, due to her age. The article definitely makes her out to be a very unpleasant individual, perhaps because she was unable to have children.

    What I did get from it, though, was that she has badly wanted a child for more than 20 years. People can question her timing and her method of choice, I suppose her baby is not going to lack for much, particularly love. You would hope that a woman who has gone through so much to have a child is going to give it all the love and attention she can muster. As Becks said above, there are worse ways to start off in life.

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