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-Movie review: “Star Trek”

by Dr. D ~ May 16th, 2009

I could be considered a veteran die-hard ‘trekkie’ after 40 + years of watching the original 60’s series on TV when I was young, all of the “Next Generation” episodes with my children, never missing “Deep Space 9”, “Voyager”, or “The Enterprise” series. I eagerly attended every large screen movie offering of the venerable franchise, though I must admit that the last couple did not even meet my lenient forgiving standards. My all time favorite remains-“The Wrath of Khan”.

So I offer the following review of the new “Star Trek” as an experienced Sci-Fi consumer:


An incredible ‘reboot’ of the Star Trek franchise with a whole new young crew of actors playing the familiar characters and ready “to go where no man one has gone before” once more!

The film features an innovative way of using time travel to wipe out the familiar ‘time line’ that trekkie’s like myself have watched for over 40 years. A change right at the beginning of the film—the destruction of Kirk’s father and his ship as James T.was being born sends the franchise into a new alternate time loop and makes it possible to do it all over again—differently. <<Read the rest>>            *Top

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