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-Gallup: America is Now More Pro-Life!

by Dr. D ~ May 15th, 2009

Found this at Powerline. A new Gallup poll shows that Americans are now more ‘pro-life’.

In new survey just out today, Gallup finds that more Americans now consider themselves “pro-life” than “pro-choice, by a 51 percent-42 percent margin:


Response: Meanwhile, the MSM and moderate Republicans continue to comment and write in one editorial after another that the Republican Party needs to dump its ‘Pro-life’ plank and social-conservative stances in order to stay competitive. Looking at this survey, that is obviously not the case.

We now have the most radical ‘pro-abortion’ President ever–by presidential executive order we are now going to spend $100’s of millions around the world providing for abortions in poor countries. Also, another few $Billion or so on embryonic stem cell research. All at a time when we are in deep recession?

In face of the radical actions of President Obama and the Congress which supports him, it is time for Pro-life folks to stand up and say enough already!            *Top 

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