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-Maine Joins the Gay Marriage Club

by Dr. D ~ May 6th, 2009

1ano8 Today (Wednesday 5/6) Maine Gov. John Baldacci signed the legislation shortly after the Maine legislature passed a bill allowing Same-sex marriage in the state. Maine is the 5th state to join the ‘gay marriage club’. New Hampshire is said to be close behind with Rhode Island as the sole holdout in New England.

Response: It seems to be a cinch that all of New England will soon recognize same-sex marriage. This poses a major threat to DOMA (Defense of marriage Act) which allows states to have their own policy on whether they recognize gay marriages originating in other jurisdictions. The current left leaning Congress is sure to take up the issue and resolve it to their satisfaction—especially since they must rule upon the Washington DC Counsel action within 30 days.

Once all of New England area recognizes gay marriage, the pressure will be huge on the other states to follow suit—particularly the West Coast. If DOMA is overturned by Congress than same –sex marriage is a fait accompli. States that do not have gay marriage will be forced to recognize all legal ‘marriages’ performed in the states that do.            *Top

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