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-SF School District Has Website to Promote Gay Lifestyle

by Dr. D ~ May 4th, 2009

image SANFRANCISCO, CA: The San Francisco Unified School district has launched a "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning" (LGBTQ) website for students in order to create a "safe space for all students" and promote activities both in the classroom and outside.

The new website, "HealthierSF.org/LGBQ/index.html," includes links promoting Gay Pride Celebration Month, Day of Silence, and Gay/Straight Alliance clubs. A site generally promoting the homosexual lifestyle and agenda.

The district is coming under fire for using public funds to sponsor the site. Also, students are being encouraged to visit the site while at school without parental notification.

According to Karen England, of Capitol Resource Institute, the school district is excluding and over-riding parents on this issue:

"What about parents? Can parents opt [their child] out? And the explanation that they give is that, no, they can’t opt out. [They say they] are under no obligation to even let them know because this is not sex education — and that’s all the law requires [them] to do."

Response: I guess I should be surprised but I’m not. But what is astounding—children as young as kindergarten are being exposed to the gay agenda. The school officials believe that it is their right and duty to properly form and instill gay friendly opinion and attitudes in the children under their care—regardless of the parental views.            *Top

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