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-Will President Obama Boycott ‘The National Day of Prayer’?

by Dr. D ~ May 3rd, 2009

image The National Day of Prayer is coming up soon on Thursday this week (May 7). So far organizers have received no indication that the President will participate this year. Traditionally the White House has been involved and a major part of the festivities.

Several groups have solicited President Obama to discontinue the Day or expand it to include greater diversity of participation. So far no word from the White House how they will respond this year. Here’s a link to the website–

National Day of Prayer if you would like to participate in one of the sponsored activities.

Response: Of all the years when we really need some national unity to seek out God, this is the year. Hopefully the President will participate and represent the government and nation before God in prayer and seek the help we so desperately need to solve some of the huge problems facing this nation supposedly ‘under God’.

**UPDATE: According to the White House, President Obama will sign a proclamation on Thursday but will not participate in any of the planned activities.           *Top

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