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-Doctors in Montana Could be Forced to ‘Kill on Demand’

by Dr. D ~ May 2nd, 2009

image This story has received little or no national attention. A new assisted suicide law enacted by an activist District court judge’s decision requires physicians to participate whether they want to or not. The case is now pending before the Montana Supreme Court.

Montana’s new “right to die” law was created late last year in a decision from First District Court Judge Dorothy McCarter in the Baxter et al. v. Montana case. There is no provision for a doctor to opt-out or refuse to participate.

The Christian Legal Service (CLS) and the Christian Medical Association, representing more than 18,000 Christian medical and legal professions,have filed briefs asking the state Supreme Court to protect the conscience rights of healthcare professionals. The groups are urging the court to reverse the earlier decision and recognize a right not to participate in assisted suicide.

Currently there are two states which recognize a "right to die" in the US – Oregon and Washington. Both were enacted by a vote of the people and both include an opt-out clause for physicians with ethical or religious opposition to participating in killing a patient.

Response: It is incredible that an activist court would recognize and create a new ‘right to die’ law and yet deny that medical professionals should also have a ‘right to refuse’ to participate due to religious or ethical beliefs. Laws like this are far too important to be initiated by one activist judge—potentially over-riding the religious beliefs and conscience rights of over 18,000 Christian medical professionals.            *Top

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