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*UPDATE: Congress Passes ‘Gay’ Hate Crime Bill

by Dr. D ~ April 29th, 2009

image Today the House passed H.R. 1913 -The “Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act” by a 249-to-175 vote. The bill would add gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation to the list of protected categories under federal hate crimes law. A companion bill has already been introduced in the Senate.

I posted on the bill and analyzed it 9 days ago: -Gay ‘Hate Crimes’ Bill Coming up for Vote

Response: Some Christians are claiming that the bill will potentially jail pastors for preaching out Biblically on homosexuality. I read the whole bill and really can’t find ‘hate speech’ addressed at all. The bill does give ‘special rights’ for the first time to “gender identity and sexual orientation”.  Also, there are some unspecified ‘activities’ that activist judges might use to expand the scope of the bill beyond the intended or stated uses.        *Top

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