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-Egypt: Convert Arrested for Marrying a Christian

by Dr. D ~ April 24th, 2009

image ISTANBUL, April 23 (Compass Direct News) – Christian convert Raheal Henen Mussa and her Coptic husband are hiding from police and her Muslim family for violating an article of Islamic law (sharia) that doesn’t exist in the Egyptian penal code.

The two have not really violated Egyptian civil law but sharia law which continues to have great influence among the authorities. Nevertheless, they were arrested by police and then went into hiding.

According to Islamic law:

“… if a Muslim girl marries a non-Muslim man, even on paper, they are breaking the law of God, not the law of man.”

Response: This is an on-going problem in Egypt which recognizes both a system of civil law and Islamic sharia law. Converts to Christianity are still subject to sharia because their conversion is not recognized and is considered illegal and a violation all by itself.

Another reason why Sharia should never be allowed to become recognized in any way in Western nations—ultimately freedom of religion is at stake.            *Top 

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