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-Focus on the Family ‘Protests’ Newspaper over Denied Ad

by Dr. D ~ April 16th, 2009

(-San Antonio Express-News building by sean_mcgee via Flickr)

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS: Focus on the Family is sponsoring a protest outside the San Antonio Express-News because the newspaper refused to print an ad for their conference on overcoming homosexuality.

The paper refused to publish the ad for the Love Won Out conference in Texas this weekend on Saturday. The event is designed to help Christians deal with issues of homosexuality in a Christ-like manner. In the ad, Focus on the Family’s Jeff Johnston shares his personal story about being set free from same-sex attraction.

San Antonio newspaper considered the ad offensive: here’s the ad.

Response: Christians might as well get use to it. A corner has been turned in the ‘culture wars’. It is time however to stand up and make sure that Christians are not discriminated against because of their traditional beliefs on sexuality and marriage.

In this case, I do believe that as a business, the newspaper has a right to refuse the ad. Also in this free country, the ‘Focus’ folks also have a right to protest the treatment. With newspapers in trouble all across the country, I would think that none of them would want to offend a major group like evangelical Christians, but it happens all the time. The newspaper business is far more agenda driven than business smart.    *Top

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