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-Vermont: Looking to legalize Teen ‘Sexting’

by Dr. D ~ April 14th, 2009

image Last week the Vermont legislature voted to legalize gay marriage, now they’re seriously considering a bill to legalize teen ‘sexting’.

What is ‘sexting’? A new craze among teenagers to text message graphic pictures of yourself to friends.

Currently, teenagers could be prosecuted as sex offenders if caught sending graphic sexual images of themselves, even if it was consensual. The legislators are concerned that Teenagers could be arrested and their entire life ruined over a childish prank like sexting.

Response: What next from Vermont? Maybe pass a bill that allows teenagers to engage in actual sex and provide them with condoms and an official ‘safe’ place fully paid for by the state? Oh that’s right, they already have public schools–they only have to take it one more step beyond and they will rival any of the street orgies that ancient Rome or Greece officially sponsored.

Rather than trying to find ways to discourage an unhealthy teenage craze, these bold politicians have decided to ‘aid and abet’. If they personally encouraged a teen to participate in sexting they could be arrested.

Collectively they will be guilty of encouraging all of Vermont’s teens to engage in a very dangerous and unhealthy practice if this bill is passed. Obviously there are no boundaries of morality and decency anymore—at least not in the state of Vermont among these legislators.

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