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-Interview: Americans Serving Al Qaeda in Somalia

by Dr. D ~ April 6th, 2009

image According to a FBI investigation there are at least 20 Somali-American men from the Minneapolis area and elsewhere in the USA who have joined and are now serving with the Al Qaeda connected terrorist group al-Shabaab in Somalia. The group is warring against the ‘moderate’ Somali government hoping to establish a radical Islamic state.

Two of the men agreed to be interviewed by the press. Supposedly they wanted folks back home to understand why they are there fighting with the radicals, but really seemed more interested in recruiting more to join them. Here is some of the quotes from a Fox News article:  

“We came from the U.S. with a good life and a good education, but we came to fight alongside our brothers of al-Shabaab … to be killed for the sake of God,”

“We are here to invite others to come and join us”

In talking about other Americans that are part of the group:

“Some of us are still in training, others are on the frontline of the Jihad, Sadly a few of us are dead, one of whom carried out a suicide bombing.”

According to the FBI, one of their number, Shirwa Ahmed, a 27-year-old college student from Minneapolis, became ‘the first known American suicide bomber’–blowing himself up and killing dozens in Somalia.

The FBI continue their investigation of how these men were recruited. Authorities are also tracking some who came back to the USA from Somalia. There is no actual intelligence to indicate that any of those Somali-Americans who came back are actually planning any terrorist attacks inside the United States, but there are concerns about that possibility.

Response: Many have ignored the real threat of domestic terror growing in our own midst. When Muslims travel to a far away land to train, fight, and die for radical Islam it is only logical that they would continue that radical cause on their return to this country.

We have freedom of religion in the USA, but not freedom to carry out violence in the name of a religious cause.

Many would naively prohibit the FBI from investigating mosques that tend toward supporting radical Islam. Real leads that would foil domestic terror should be followed no matter where it goes. However, care should always be taken to preserve our religious liberty and freedom of speech and thought.         *Top

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