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-An Atheist Protestant Pastor?

by Dr. D ~ April 1st, 2009

image (-Book Cover: “Believing in a God who does not exist: Manifesto of an Atheist Pastor”)

This is not an April fools joke! Two years ago we posted about an Episcopal Priest who was a practicing Muslim. Even more incredible, here’s a report about a Dutch Protestant pastor who doesn’t even believe in God.

In fact the pastor, Klass Hendrikse, even published a book supporting his atheist views (See cover and title above). Yet his denomination recently decided to let him continue serving as a pastor.

I found this story originally on Dr. Albert Mohler’s blog. Here are some of his observations:

Most Christians would be shocked and scandalized to know that a pastor would be an atheist — and intend to remain as pastor.  But in the doctrinally disarmed world of many denominations, the service of an atheist as pastor is not only conceivable but actual.

Dr. Mohler also commented on the decision of the denomination to let the atheist pastor continue:

A denomination that will not require its pastors to believe that God exists is a denomination that has reached the very bottom of the well in terms of theological insanity.  …

The theological self-destruction of the church never starts with a pastor who doesn’t even believe in the existence of God.  It begins with denials of one doctrine here, another there.  Before long, the unwillingness of the church to call its churches and ministers to account leads to further theological concessions.  The cowardice of church bureaucrats opens the door to any and all theological aberrations.  The next thing you know, there is an atheist in the pulpit.

Response: Some of the aberrations that we currently see in the liberal main-line churches have been coming for a long time. Once you begin to deny Biblical authority and established truth than anything goes. You end up with churches handing out condoms, Muslims serving as priests, Gay Bishops, and atheist pastors.

Sadly enough I saw the beginning of these departures from the faith long ago (25+ years ago) while I was in seminary. It is not completely surprising to me at all. Disappointing– yes! Still, how can an atheist serve God and properly teach and pray for his people?          *Top 

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5 Responses to -An Atheist Protestant Pastor?

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  3. Wickle

    But doesn’t he look happy with his choices?

    Give me a piece of the joy in HIS life, please!

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