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-Turkey: Muslim Women Pressured to Commit ‘Honor Suicides’?

by Dr. D ~ March 30th, 2009

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Authorities in Turkey have been cracking down on ‘honor killings’ in the country. The campaign has resulted in an unintended consequence. Muslim women are now being pressured into committing ‘honor suicides’ at an increasing rate.

In 2005 the nation’s penal code was changed to require a mandatory life sentence for honor killers. Before that, killers were able to receive reduced sentences by claiming provocation due to maintaining ‘family honor’. Still honor killings are increasing along with radical Islam in the country. Nearly half of all murders committed in Turkey are of this variety. 

Nevertheless, woman being pressured into ‘honor suicide’ is also increasing at an incredible rate in the country. According to this article:

“a woman’s fate is usually determined by a family council where the alleged dishonor is discussed and the penalty pronounced. If the woman is to be killed, the youngest family member is frequently ordered to carry out the murder on the belief he will be treated more leniently by the courts. Woman ordered to take their own lives are usually locked in a room with a noose, a gun or rat poison until the deed is done.”

Also, men convicted of ‘honor killings’ are normally put in prisons with others guilty of the same and treated with unusual respect and deference by the prisons and the guards.

Response: Another good example of compassion and justice brought to you by the ‘Religion of Peace’–Islam. Another reason why Sharia law, which calls for unequal treatment of men and women, should be considered an anathema and opposed in Western countries.         *Top

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