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-Mexico Destroys 30 Chapels Dedicated to ‘Saint Death’

by Dr. D ~ March 27th, 2009

(-Saint Death -‘Santa Muerte’ via Wikipedia)

 Report: “Mexico City – Mexican federal authorities used bulldozers to bring down more than 30 chapels devoted to “Saint Death” – a figure that is worshipped by drug traffickers – in the northern city of Nuevo Laredo, the daily Reforma reported Wednesday.”

‘Saint Death’ – Santa Muerte is similar to ‘the Grim Reaper’ and is said to be venerated and worshipped by over a million people in Mexico. However, the drug gangs have made the so-called ‘saint’ their patron and have built chapels all over Mexico and have set up thousands of statues and shrines in her honor. As part of the war against the drug cartels, the Mexican authorities began to destroy those chapels and shrines. <<Continued on the Apologetica page>>            *Top 

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