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-Abortion Pride?

by Dr. D ~ March 26th, 2009








A so-called ‘Bioethicist’, Jacob Appel, wants to take pride to where it has never gone before– a new abortion movement:

“the moment is ripe—more than ripe—for an Abortion Pride Movement.”

Appel believes that women who have had abortions should be able to take public pride in their ‘right’ choices. According to Appel, abortion is a better choice than allowing an unwanted child to be born and grow up:

“there is enough suffering in this world.”

“I dream of the day when women are not afraid to walk the streets with pins reading, ‘I had an abortion and it was the right decision’.”

Jacob Appel has also been a radical supporter of marketing and using fetal organs. With such radical beliefs, it is really incredible that he calls himself a bioethicist.

Actually this kind of attitude toward the ‘goodness’ of abortion is not completely new. Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in this country, has marketed T-shirts proudly announcing “I had an abortion” (See the picture above).  They have also distributed ‘gift certificates’ at Christmas time and “Choice on Earth” Christmas cards mocking the the Gospel of Matthew.

Response: How anyone can take pride in the death of a baby is beyond me. A time to celebrate? Hardly! I doubt if most Americans are ready to ‘celebrate’ abortion.Though secular progressives may be ready to take pride in having an abortion most will not call this development a ‘good’ thing.

This is a time when ‘right’ is called ‘wrong’ and that which is ‘evil’ is now being touted as ‘good’ and celebrated. But this might be even too much for a dominant American culture that is well on its way towards separating itself from its Judeo-Christian roots and foundation.

If you told me 10 years ago that ‘same-sex’ marriage would soon be a reality I would not have believed it. So it is somewhat hard to gauge where Americans will end up even on this issue. However, the number of abortions have been on the decline lately which may be one indication where most people presently stand on this issue. 

For sure it is the elitist progressives that are leading the way in this ‘brave new world’, while many of the so-called evangelical Christians seem to be tired of the continual culture wars and seem to be disengaging from the battle. Now is the time to stand up and be counted.          *Top

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4 Responses to -Abortion Pride?

  1. Wickle

    I thought that no one was pro-abortion. That’s what they always say, anyway.

    Hmmm … looks like that’s another myth down the drain.

  2. Lex

    That’s appalling. If you have to convince someone that it’s “okay” to feel okay about something … it’s probably not okay. (And why does the woman in that picture look so uncomfortable anyway?)

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  4. Ezequiel Aherns

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