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-Facebook Jihad: Muslims Hack Christian Site

by Dr. D ~ March 13th, 2009

Facebook, Inc.

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Found this on the Persecution blog, originally posted on Jihad Watch:

Muslims hack “Christians on Facebook” site, change its name to “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet”

Todd Snider, whose pro-Israel site on Facebook was hacked and destroyed by Hizballah supporters, is not alone: the Facebook Jihad is breaking out all over.

“UPDATE #2: Religious hack attack against Christianity seen on Facebook,” by Rick C. Hodgin for TGDaily, March 11 (thanks to Religion of Peace):

Chicago (IL) – The Facebook group, Christians On Facebook, has become the latest target of attack for hackers who are posting pro-Islam messages. At 11:15am CDT today, the group’s name was changed to “La ilaha illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah”, which means “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” Since then the name has changed no fewer than ten times.

The Christians on Facebook group itself has over 327,000 members from all variations of the Christian faith. This channel or group hack appears to have been designed to replace the fundamental tenants of Christianity with those of Islam.

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Response: Another great example of radical Islam on the march. I guess it’s better than blowing up a church or synagogue, but it does show an arrogant disregard for other religions and people of faith. A rather benign form of persecution but shockingly aggressive and somewhat threatening.

The Muslims involved should be ashamed but obviously that will not be the case. Also, don’t look for any Muslim group like CAIR to condemn this anytime soon.            *Top 

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5 Responses to -Facebook Jihad: Muslims Hack Christian Site

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  2. Mohammed Adil

    Man you Christian guys are weird. Ok its wrong to hack any accounts and change something in them but man dont call it faccebook jihad cause there is no such thing like it and its cause of people like you the mis-conception of Jihad is there. Try checking on Google what Jihad really is and think before you write.


  3. Dr. D

    One thing I’ve noticed, Muslims don’t seem to have any sense of humor or irony. Yes I am aware of the complete Muslim definition of ‘Jihad’–get over it! LOL

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