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-Saudi Arabia: 75 Year-old Widow Sentenced to 40 Lashes

by Dr. D ~ March 11th, 2009

Flag of Saudi Arabia Khamisa Sawadi, 75 year old widow in Saudi Arabia was recently sentenced to receive 40 lashes and 4 months in prison for receiving bread from 2 men who were not close relatives. One of the men was her former husband’s nephew, but not considered a close relative by Saudi sharia law.

The widow had asked neighbors for help since she really had no one originally being from Syria before she married her Saudi husband. Then the elderly woman asked the two young men last April to bring her five loaves of bread. Both her and the two men ended up being arrested by the Saudi religious police. The two young men will also receive lashes and prison for their help.

Response: Another example of Islamic justice and mercy. From a Christian point of view, helping a widow is a good thing. The young men should be commended not punished. What sense does it make to punish a 75 year-old widow who needs help for receiving it? Another case in point why Western countries should reject the establishment of sharia law.             *Top

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