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-California Court to Review Prop 8 Today

by Dr. D ~ March 5th, 2009


(-California Supreme Court via Wikipedia)

The story out here in California today is the California Supreme Court and Prop 8. All eyes are on the court today as they begin their review and evaluation of Prop 8-The Traditional Marriage amendment. The court will hear three hours of arguments from both sides and then will take up to 90 days to issue their official ruling.

The main stream media is in full-court press on the issue, nearly every news show I came across last night characterized the issue of same-sex marriage as a ‘civil-rights’ issue. It was all rather one-sided with all sorts of heavy weigh jurists and politicians weighing in against Prop 8 with no contrary view allowed except for the sign-carrying gay-bashing altogether revolting Westboro Baptist group which was conjured up as a an example of those who support the Prop and traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

The Court already overturned the will of the people expressed in Prop 22 last year which opened the door for gay marriage in the state. Prop. 8 was passed in November as a California constitutional amendment to address the earlier court ruling, now the very same court will address the remedy voted on by the people once more.

As a supporter of traditional marriage and Prop 8 it has been quite a ride since the vote in November. Churches and temples have been picketed, dozens of instances of vandalism, businesses have been picketed, politicians have scolded the electorate, and the media has been squarely one-sided on the issue.

Christians who support traditional marriage have been cast in the media as fascist, small-minded, non-educated bigots who are quite similar to the racists and KKK who opposed black civil rights in the 60’s. The drumbeat of the opposition has been relentless while the opinions of the supporters of traditional marriage have been ignored and marginalized.

I ask for all you Christians out there that support traditional marriage across the country to pray today for this issue and for the lawyers supporting Prop 8 before the court. This is not going away soon, if gay marriage becomes legal once more in California than you can expect it to spread across the whole country state by state probably through the courts. It is said that:  ‘As California goes so goes the whole country’.

**UPDATE: Court observers today conclude that the court is seriously considering retaining Prop 8 (The Traditional Marriage amendment) but also seems to be sympathetic to the legal status of those 1800 or so same-sex couples who were married during the few months it was legal. Please continue to remember the court and this issue in your prayers. The justices have up to 90 days to render a decision.           *Top 

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