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-India: Numerous Incidents of Christians Being Persecuted

by Dr. D ~ February 27th, 2009

Population density map of India.

(-India via Wikipedia)

Here is a link to a Compass Direct report of numerous incidents where Christians have recently been persecuted by Hindu activists in India.

Although the Supreme court of India recently declared that there is ‘freedom of religion’ in India, many of the Indian states have provisions against converting from Hindu religion. In many of the occasions noted by Compass Direct, the Christians were the actual victims but ended up being arrested and charged with violating some of the local anti-conversion laws.

Here is just one of the reported incidents:

Chhattisgarh – Police on Feb. 17 arrested 11 pastors from the Believers Church in Sarguja under Chhattisgarh’s anti-conversion law after Hindu extremists stormed into their revival meeting and beat them. The Evangelical Fellowship of India reported that Hindu extremists led by the local legislative assembly member from the Hindu extremist Bharatiya Janata Party, Renuka Singh, arrived at about 7 p.m. and attacked the pastors, tore Bibles and banners and damaged the sound system. The pastors were bruised but reported no serious injuries. The Christians were conducting the meeting with prior permission of the police and the civil administration. Police intervened at about 11 p.m. after persistent calls from local Christian leaders. As is customary in India, authorities took the victims of the violence to the police station “for security measures” but ended up filing charges against them under unsubstantiated claims of forceful conversion. The pastors were released on bail on Feb. 18.”

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Response: There is an on-going Christian revival going on across many parts of India. Hindu activists are rising up to meet the challenge and taking action legally and through mob action trying to limit the conversions. The Hindu activists are politically powerful in many states. The authorities and the police many times become part of the persecution itself. As in the cases documented by the Compass Direct article, many times the Christian victims are arrested and charged with violations of the law instead of the activist attackers.  

Hundreds of thousands are converting to Christianity every year in India–mostly coming from the lower classes, particularly from the lowest Dalat (untouchable) caste. This is especially threatening to the Hindus economically, the converted Dalats refuse to continue being taken advantage of as near slave labor.

The Christian community is helping the lower castes to rise up, receive education, demand their civil rights, and get better employment and/or start small businesses. It is not only changing the religious landscape of India, but also the economic and social dynamic.            *Top

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