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-Counselor Suspended for "Exposing" Teens to Christian Music

by Dr. D ~ February 24th, 2009

City of Huntington Beach, California

(-Huntington Beach Pier via Wikipedia)

A veteran counselor at Orangewood Children’s Home was suspended for six weeks without pay for “exposing” four teens to Christian music. The Home is an emergency shelter in Orange County California for “neglected and sexually, physically or emotionally abused children.”

Maureen Loya, a counselor at the home for more than 18 years, had taken 4 teens on an approved field trip to the beach in 2006. While on the Huntington Beach pier, they listened to several bands that were playing as part of the Surfrider Foundation Celebrity Surf Jam, it was a secular event but two Christian bands happened to be playing at the time. That passive religious exposure was enough to get Loya suspended.

Loya is suing the home to get back her lost income, the Pacific Justice Institute is handling her case.

Response: It would be understandable if the counselor was suspended for ‘exposing’ the teens to porn or something of that nature.

But a chance encounter with Christian rock music is deemed to be so overwhelmingly offensive and detrimental to teens that it now warrants a suspension? The possible mere mention of Jesus in a song lyric is now considered harmful?

This case doesn’t make any sense at all, even in the crazy upside down world of government bureaucrats.            *Top

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