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-Obama More Popular Than Jesus?

by Dr. D ~ February 22nd, 2009


(-Picture by Getty Images via Daylife)

Years ago in the ’60’s the Beatles were quoted as saying that they were more popular than Jesus. The statement at the time caused a considerable controversy.

The results of a recent Harris Poll was released on Thursday which named President Obama as the person they admire enough to call their hero. Jesus came in second followed by Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln, John McCain, John F. Kennedy, Chesley Sullenberger, and Mother Teresa to round out the top ten.

It should be noted that the responders to the poll were not given a list or asked to choose between Obama and Jesus, but were asked to write down their own personal ‘heroes’. I would imagine that a poll between Obama and Jesus would bring quite different results.

Response: I found it interesting that the main stream media pretty much ignored the story. I could only find any significant mention of it in Christian news sources. Wait a couple of years after Pres. Obama has an opportunity to alienate half the country and take another poll! I am sure the results will be different.

Politicians and world leaders have come and gone in the last 2,000 years but it does say something about Jesus that he is near the top of the ‘hero’ list year after year.            *Top 

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7 Responses to -Obama More Popular Than Jesus?

  1. Comrade Tovya

    There is a positive spin in all this non-sense about Obama…

    He can only go down from here. They’ve risen him to such a high pinnacle of “wonder” that he can only lose popularity point from here on out.

    soon enough, the Obama “loyalists” will come back down to Earth and realize that he’s just another politician.

  2. Dr. D

    Thanks Comrade, you are entirely correct.

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  6. L.L. Barkat

    Great headline. I’m thinking history will eventually answer it to the negative. : )

    Welcome, btw, to High Calling Blogs.

  7. Dr. D

    Hi L.L. Barkat,
    Thanks for visiting and for the welcome to High Calling Blogs.

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