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-Student Silenced over Traditional Marriage Speech

by Dr. D ~ February 21st, 2009

1ano8 Student Jonathan Lopez says that he was discriminated against when his professor refused to let him finish his pro-‘traditional marriage’ speech in a Los Angles City College class. According a LA Times article:

“…his professor called him a “fascist bastard” and refused to let him finish his speech against same-sex marriage during a public speaking class last November, weeks after California voters approved the ban on such unions.

When Lopez tried to find out his mark for the speech, the professor, John Matteson, allegedly told him to “ask God what your grade is,” the suit says.
Lopez also said the teacher threatened to have him expelled when he complained to higher-ups.”

Lopez says that he is suing to strike down an offensive speech code at the college barring students from uttering supposedly “offensive” statements which now seems to include traditional religious views on marriage and sexuality.

Response: Traditional views on marriage are readily becoming ‘unacceptable’ in many circles in California since the passage of Prop 8–particularly in Hollywood, academia, in the press, and among politicians and cultural progressives.

There is an on-going effort to marginalize Christians and cast believers in traditional marriage as ‘fascists’, ‘haters’, and ‘homophobes’. The campaign is far more effective than I would have ever expected. Since Prop 8, gay activists have been successful in casting themselves as ‘victims’ of discrimination with Evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons as the mean nasty ogres.        

My question is this: Who are the real ‘fascists’ in this case—the student or those in power limiting free speech?             *Top 

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