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-Video Game: Simulated Rape and Forced Abortion for Fun?

by Dr. D ~ February 13th, 2009

image Found this on WorldNetDaily. Amazon.com was selling this video till they took it down yesterday because of bad PR. Here is their description of the game:

RapeLay is an offshoot of the Illusion series, Interact Play. You, like in previous installments, play as a public nuisance that gets away from captivity and starts scouting for new targets. This time around you find a family of a single mother and her two daughters. You quickly begin your hunt and capture each woman one by one. The gameplay involves an amusing training/disposition system with which to break each respective target to your liking. Watch where you b–w your l–d, or you might get them pregnant!

According to Game rules, players lose points if the rape victim becomes pregnant and decides to keep the baby. Forced abortions are a key component of the game. The game also features lesbian and group sex.

Response: If you read the whole article it just gets worse! The fact that this is a popular video game is shocking. The game is from Japan but available in the US and Europe.

How far can a culture decline? This is one step beyond porno–game players play out their worst inclinations. How this can actually be fun is way beyond me.            *Top

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2 Responses to -Video Game: Simulated Rape and Forced Abortion for Fun?

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  2. Antonio

    I know about fifteen people that absolutely love this game, and it turns out they have very healthy sex lives that do not include rape in real life.

    Video game behavior does not translate to real life behavior. Studies have shown that, if anything, products like this allow potential REAL rapists to release the urges they feel without taking it out on society.

    For the rest of us, it just lets us explore the darker parts of our souls that we try to keep bottled up. As a result, we get to know our true selves better as a result, and we become more complete human beings.

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