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-Vatican: ‘Holocaust Denier’ Bishop Must Recant or Else!

by Dr. D ~ February 6th, 2009

(-Pope Benedict by Getty Images via Daylife)

On Wednesday, the Vatican ordered a British bishop to publicly recant his denials of the Holocaust. According to the Vatican the former defrocked bishop, Richard Williamson, would be barred from resuming ministry as a priest until he recanted the statements that he has made about the Holocaust.

In a recent Swedish television interview, Williamson had insisted that no more than 300,000 Jews died in Nazi concentration camps and “not one of them by gassing in a gas chamber.” Of Coarse this runs counter to known historical facts.

Several days later, a huge controversy arose when Pope Benedict announced on Jan. 24 that he was going to lift the excommunication order over the Bishop as part of an effort to mend relations with the Society of St. Pius X, of which Bishop Williamson is a principal leader. According to Vatican officials the Pope was unaware of Williamson’s earlier statements on the Holocaust.

Response: This is good news, though it took far longer for the church to react than it probably should have. Folks are already sensitive about Pope Benedict’s German background, the slow reaction of the Vatican to the issue was not helpful. Churches of all denominations should censor those who would take a ‘denier’ stand.

For the Catholic Church to reinstate a unrepentant ‘Holocaust denier’ would have raised a number of unpleasant issues for the present German Pontiff. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel was calling for the Church to clarify its’ response to Williamson’s contentions. Jewish leaders were incredulous that the Vatican was unaware of the Bishops ‘denier’ statements but also happy to see it finally resolved.            *Top

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1 Response to -Vatican: ‘Holocaust Denier’ Bishop Must Recant or Else!

  1. Gabriel Wilensky

    It’s crazy for the Catholic Church to insist on the attempt of reconciliation with the SSPX. These so-called traditionalists are following Christian teachings the Catholic Church has already repudiated. Bishop Williamson is taking a “sabbatical” from church duties, but he is not remaining quiet as the Church wished. From a public relations perspective it’s a disaster to have somebody in a frock go about denying the extent of the Holocaust or implying that the State of Israel is illegitimate. This latter point is especially bad considering the Vatican shamefully refused to recognize Israel until 1993, forty-five years after its founding and fourteen years after its greatest foe, Egypt, had recognized its right to exist in 1979. The Vatican was one of the last states in the world to do so.

    Gabriel Wilensky

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