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-The Worst Countries for Persecuting Christians

by Dr. D ~ February 5th, 2009

I found this at CT Liveblog—here’s Open Doors 2009 list of countries where Christians are most persecuted. Compiled by using a 50 question survey which asks questions about Christians’ legal status in the country and what life is actually like for Christians living there.

North Korea is in a category by itself, leading the top of the list for a record 7 years in a row–as the Christians’ worst nightmare. According to Open Doors:

“The North Korean regime believes that it will collapse if it fails to stop the spreading of Christianity.”

Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Mauritania, Algeria, India, Nigeria (Northern Muslim part), Indonesia, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan head another list of countries where the freedom of Christians has actually deteriorated.

Christian rights are said to have improved somewhat in the following nations: Bhutan, China, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Sudan (North), Zanzibar Islands, Cuba, Turkey, and Colombia.

WW%20printable%2009-2.jpg Response: Except for North Korea and a few communist regimes, notice that the vast majority of the offending countries on this list are Muslim dominated nations.          *Top 

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