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-Pakistan: Two Christian Teenagers Raped and Forced to Convert to Islam

by Dr. D ~ January 19th, 2009

image image Here is the story from Compass Direct of two Christian sisters, age 14 and 18 who were abducted, repeatedly raped and forced to convert to Islam. Later in court, their father was actually beat up by the kidnappers and their lawyers while they were waiting for the case to come before a judge. The case is yet to be resolved.

Response: This was very similar to a case last year that I wrote about where a Pakistani court initially gave custody of two teenage Christian girls to the Muslim kidnappers, but later the youngest was given back to the parents.

This is becoming a horrific pattern of persecution in Pakistan. Christian girls are becoming an easy target of kidnapping and rape with little or no consequences for the Muslim perpetrators.

Muslim clerics seem more than happy to write up conversion docs to protect the criminals–incredible!  On top of that, a biased Pakistani legal system always favors Muslims over Christians, even obvious rapists and kidnappers. The Muslim judges are happy to recognize any so-called conversion to Islam–even when everyone involved knows that the whole thing is bogus and criminal.

This is a wonderful example of Sharia law in action. Meanwhile, Muslims in Europe and in this country continue to ask for their own court system–a system which is diametrically opposed to Western jurisprudence.            *Top

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    pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan

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