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-Forced Abortions a Problem in America?

by Dr. D ~ January 12th, 2009

image According to a study by the Elliot Institute, coercion and forced abortion is an increasing problem in America. In an article by OneNewsNow, a number of cases and situations are documented where women were forced into having abortions.

Amy Solby, a spokesperson for the Elliot Institute observed:

  “There’s not any necessarily real hard numbers on violent [coercion] but, if you consider that homicide is the leading killer of pregnant women according to several studies, and then the fact that a large number of them have to do with the fact that the woman was killed or assaulted…because she refused to have an abortion or in an attempt to force her to abort.”

The Institute is encouraging states to pass laws requiring abortion clinics to screen women for possible coercion and  prohibit abortions where coercion is involved.

Response: The whole rational of the pro-abortion movement is to give the woman the ‘right to choose’. You would think that the pro-aborts would be in favor of insuring that right, but you would be wrong. They actually oppose laws that require any screening or protection from coercion.            *Top 

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