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-Houston: Success in Cracking Down on Adult Businesses

by Dr. D ~ January 10th, 2009

The City of Houston, Texas is having some success in enforcing city ordinances against adult businesses.

In 1997, the city passed an ordinance requiring adult/sex oriented businesses to operate at least 1,500 feet from schools, churches, parks, and daycare centers.

Since then they have been about to shut down some of the more notorious sex businesses in the city. One–‘The Penthouse Club’ had been a magnet for prostitution, drug-dealing, and other crimes. The city of Houston and its police believe at least 120 more adult clubs, bookstores, and massage parlors may be operating illegally, and they plan on trying to close them down in 2009.

As one Houston resident observed:

“My rule of thumb has been if I can’t walk my child in the direction of your business, maybe your business shouldn’t be in the area where I raise my child.”

Response: While adult businesses probably can’t be entirely eliminated in our free society, at the very least their presence and influence should not be tolerated or allowed near residential neighborhoods, schools, parks and churches.

About ten years ago a topless bar attempted to open up down the hill from our neighborhood next to a popular Carl’s hamburger restaurant and a AM-PM convenience store that a lot of our young people hung around. Fortunately, Lake Forest, California where I live had such an ordinance in place and there was an active church in the area. Our neighborhood was able to organize and require the city to abide by the ordinance on the books–the nude bar was blocked and never opened. I can’t tell you how great that felt having participated in the petition effort.

Christians who are concerned about families and the community they live in should check out and see if there are any such regulations in place before an adult business decides to open up near by. If not, it is really a wise thing to seek to put in place a similar ordinance.            *Top

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