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-Kentucky Fried McJihad in Indonesia

by Dr. D ~ January 9th, 2009


(Image via Wikipedia)

Found this on Jihad Watch— originally from AFP–Palu, Indonesia:

Angry Indonesian Muslim students stormed a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on Thursday in protest against Israel’s military strikes on the Gaza Strip.

About 300 protesters gathered outside the US fast food outlet in Palu, Central Sulawesi, waving Palestinian flags, burning US and Israeli emblems and carrying banners condemning Israel as a “terrorist and criminal” state.

A handful of demonstrators then stormed the restaurant, overturning tables and chairs.

“KFC’s licence is from America, an important Israeli ally. In consuming US products, it means that we give financial contributions to Israel’s military strikes on the Palestinian people,” protest coordinator Maful Haruna said….”

Protesters/mob also attacked a local synagogue closing it down before moving on to the KFC and later another symbol of American culture–a McDonald’s outlet at the nearby Plaza Surabaya.

Response: It is really hard to keep up with all the protests on the Gaza Strip conflict around the world. This one would almost be humorous except to those involved. Somehow the USA and American businesses are being blamed for “Israel’s military strikes on the Palestinian people”. I am sure that the KFC and McDonalds corporate offices are surprised to find out that they are to blame.

Meanwhile, the Hamas rejected a cease fire today and says that they intend on continuing their rocket attacks on Israel regardless of the consequences–but the Muslim students half a world away attack a KFC and a McDonalds? Also, the world press continues to blame Israel for the whole thing but Arabs also blame the USA and burn American flags? Is there is anything about the Middle East situation that ever makes any sense?  

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1 Response to -Kentucky Fried McJihad in Indonesia

  1. Rich Bordner

    The reporting isn’t even close to even. The press has jumped the shark…actually, it jumped the shark long ago.

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