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-Gideons Celebrate 100th Anniversary Distributing Bibles

by Dr. D ~ January 2nd, 2009

(-Gideon Bible via Wikipedia)

Gideons International is celebrating its 100th anniversary dispensing Bibles. The Gideons began to place Bibles in American hotel rooms in 1908. Since then they have distributed close to 1.5 billion scriptures in 187 different countries and in 85 languages, including 76.8 million distributions last year alone to hotels, hospitals, schools, prisons, and the military.

The Gideons are nondenominational group run by businessmen which traditionally has tried to keep a low profile. The Bible distribution itself is carried out by volunteers, mostly evangelical business and professional men and their wives.

Response: Congratulation Gideons!

Over the years there have been literally thousands of testimonies from folks who said their lives were blessed and literally changed by the hotel room Bibles, including many who say they went to the hotel with an intent to commit suicide.

Unfortunately, some hotel chains are beginning to reject the free Bibles using ‘religious diversity’ as an excuse–not wanting to offend anyone. Other chains have offered a variety of different religious literature to their patrons.

Hopefully, the venerable hotel room tradition doesn’t become become another front in the continuing culture wars.            *Top

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  2. Pastor Gugulethu Ncube

    request for Bibles to our Gweru Church Outreach Team

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