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-Happy New Year! May God Bless America in 2009

by Dr. D ~ January 1st, 2009

*Top Stories of the the year that was–2008:

1. Video from Politico -3:37- Top Stories-Politics:

2. Top Stories-Everything From Time/CNN

3. Top Stories- Religion From Time/CNN

**Top 10 blog posts of 2008:

-One World Economy?

-Gay Activists Storm Church in Michigan

-Movie Review: “A Letter To Dad

-Christian Street Ministry Attacked in SF Castro District

-Dead Sea Stone Tablet: About a Messiah

-California: Google Comes Out Against Traditional Marriage Amendment

-India: Violence Against Christians in Orissa

-Does the Doll Really Say: “Islam is The Light”?

-Mormon Church Responds to Prop.8 Protests

-Obama a Fulfillment of Muslim Prophecy?

***My Favorite:

 -Was The Apostle Paul a Fake and a Spy?            *Top


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