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-ACLU Sues County Board over Prayer

by Dr. D ~ December 29th, 2008

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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed suit against Forsyth County, North Carolina because some of the prayers at the county board meetings end with references to Jesus.

According to the OneNewsNow Report the ACLU is willing to settle the case in exchange for compensation and more generic prayers:

“[The ACLU] said that if the commission will give in, that they will give up the opportunity for allowing prayer — sectarian fashion — or, let’s be honest and frank about it, prayer in Jesus’ name…if they’ll give in on that and they’ll give the ACLU, get this, $60,000 in attorneys fees, then they’ll make their whole lawsuit go away”

However, the county is confident that they will eventually prevail in the case and not have to restrict participants in the opening prayers.

Response: Cases like this are going on all over the country. In most cases boards just stop having prayers all together. Those who believe that it is a constitutional violation to have public prayers should really sit down and read the thing.

While the framers were writing the Constitution they opened every meeting with prayers and on many occasions in the middle of particularly difficult meetings would stop and ask for God’s guidance and for His Holy Spirit to bring peace to the assembly. There was even at least one occasion when the very ‘secular’ Benjamin Franklin suggested they take a break for prayer.

Apparently, those who wrote the Constitution in the first place did not think that prayer was a violation of their efforts and many but not all of the prayers did reference Jesus.        *Top

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2 Responses to -ACLU Sues County Board over Prayer

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  2. Kathi Sharpe

    I live not terribly far from there (in another county)…

    The ACLU has become the mafia. “Pay up, or we’ll break your kneecaps.”

    I’m all for free speech and all, but if there was ever a hate group that the government should DO something about, it’s the ACLU.

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