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-Dressing Up to Put Christ Back in Christmas?

by Dr. D ~ December 26th, 2008

Merry Christmas Saint Claus

(Jesus by hyperscholar via Flickr)

KANSAS CITY, Mo.: They showed up at work, in the malls, restaurants, and even at Starbucks dressed like Jesus.

About 400 members of Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship in Kansas City, Kansas promised their Pastor to don the Jesus clothes to put Christ back in Christmas and remind everyone that Jesus is the real ‘reason for the season’.

Pastor Kelly Lohrke observed:

“I know it’s a crazy idea…I know it’s a radical idea. Christians can have fun with their faith and sharing their faith.”…”We’ve gotten nothing but positives,” …”Next year, we are going to make this a big deal.”

Pastor Lohrke said he came up with the idea as a response to the removal of crosses, nativity scenes and other religious symbols from public view during the Christmas season.

Response:  An great example of Christians fighting back in the continuing ‘war on Christmas’. A good idea that can maybe be expanded on next year.          *Top 

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