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-Christmas Wars: Now Rudolph is too Religious?

by Dr. D ~ December 15th, 2008

image The Christmas wars this season have now reach a new incredibly ridiculous level. The song-“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” has been dropped from a holiday school concert because of a parental complaint that it was too religious–the song actually–gasp!!–contains the sacred words: ‘Santa’ and ‘Christmas’.

Response: Schools have made a real effort to weed out all of the traditional Christmas carols, now even secular fantasy songs like Rudolph are questioned because they dare to even mention Christmas?  Meanwhile, I bet every elementary school child in America knows about the recent Muslim hajj. The war on Christmas continues to a new level–the mere mention of Christmas is not to be tolerated?          *Top

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4 Responses to -Christmas Wars: Now Rudolph is too Religious?

  1. Gene

    This story infuriated me. This country was founded on Jesus Christ and he is the reason for this season. The school administration should never allow this kind of thing to happen. The whole school should have a say. It makes me sick that a whole school had to suffer because of one person, just like this nation is suffering because of a few unbelevers.

  2. Dr. D


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