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-Turkey: School Text Encourages Religious Discrimination?

by Dr. D ~ December 13th, 2008

(-Istanbul, Turkey by nicholas macgowan via Flickr)

Turkey is supposed to have religious freedom and a secular government. Like most countries in the middle east, the Turkish society is increasingly becoming more radical in its Islamic faith.

Now the government is officially supporting some of those more radical Muslim tendencies by supporting religious discrimination in school textbooks.

The small Christian minority (less than 1%) in particular is being singled out as possible agents helping the enemies of Turkey.

According to a spokesperson for the Alliance of Protestant Churches of Turkey:

“The state and various groups have for years, through endless disinformation, spread the belief that Turkish Christians are part of a secret foreign plot to destroy Turkey.

“This is the same twisted mindset that has led to numerous attacks on our churches by young people who are convinced that we are CIA agents or similar.”

Response: Meanwhile, attacks against Turkish Christians and churches have increased in recent years with the government doing little of nothing to protect Christians. Now they seem to actually support discrimination in official school texts? So much for religious freedom in Turkey.          *Top 

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