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-California: Abortionist Gets Prison

by Dr. D ~ December 11th, 2008

image Bertha Bugarin, owner of 11 abortion clinics in Los Angeles and San Diego, is going to prison for performing abortions without a medical licence. Ms. Bugarin had continued to give abortions at her clinic even though a number of her doctors had lost their medical licenses. She claimed that she couldn’t find replacements so posed as a doctor herself and continued without doctor supervision putting many lives in danger.

According to one account Bugarin was responsible for a number of botched abortions:

Nine women came forward with stories of botched abortions received at Bugarin’s hand. Many women suffered from incomplete abortions and were forced to return to have their abortions done again. One woman was hospitalized three times, and birthed a live baby that died three hours later.

Response: One of the greatest reasons that abortions became legal in the first place was to protect the lives of women.  Increasingly it is becoming difficult to find doctors that want to be abortionists.

Here’s a dirty little secret of the abortion business–many clinics are relying on doctors that have few options and poor medical reputations. Quite a few abortion clinic doctors have lost their private insurance, or hospital privileges due to negligence. Many have pending cases filed against them with the potential of losing their Medical license and they can’t find jobs anywhere else.

In this case, a number of doctors working for clinics owned by Bugarin lost their licenses and she was not able to replace them immediately so continued doing abortions without doctors–putting lives in danger. Scary!            *Top

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