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-Comoros: Increased Persecution of Christians

by Dr. D ~ December 7th, 2008

image According to Compass Direct, persecution of Christians on the Muslim dominated Indian Ocean islands of Pemba and Comoros has increased to the point where they among the worst places on the globe for Christians to live. Christians are routinely beaten, detained and banished for their faith.

The Comorian constitution supposedly guarantees freedom of religion, but Islam is the only recognized religion and authorities do not protect religious minorities but actually join in.

The level of persecution sharply increased this fall when a mosque leader in Pemba–Sheikh Hijah Mohammed–converted to Christianity. The Sheikh had to flee for his life and has gone into hiding.

It is routine for suspected converts to Christianity to face travel restrictions, and confiscation of travel documents. Also, many lose their homes and receive beatings from Muslim family members.

Christians should remember to add Comoros and Pemba to the list of places and people that they pray for.            *Top

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