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-UN: A Law Against Criticism of Islam?

by Dr. D ~ December 2nd, 2008

The United Nations is pushing for the passage of a global blasphemy law designed to eliminate and outlaw criticism of the Islamic faith. The resolution called– “Combating Defamation of Religion“–is sponsored by Saudi Arabia. It is being promoted and put forth as a protection for religion but actually mentions only Islam.

Angela Wu of The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty notes:

“Because it’s protecting defamation against religion — an idea — rather than defamation against a person, it essentially controls what people can say about religion, which we think is ultimately quite dangerous to have the state moderate what people can and can’t peacefully say about religious ideas.”

Christianity and Judaism, are not specifically protected by the resolution, nor is any religion other than Islam. “And even if Jews and Christians were protected under the resolution, the question is: do you really want the state telling you how to discuss Christianity or how to discuss Judaism?”

Response: This resolution is a sham sponsored by a country-Saudi Arabia -which allows no freedom of religion or speech. The intent is to force Western countries to regulate speech and the media concerning Islam.

The law is intended to limit any negative comments about Islam and particularly anything that is offensive to Muslims in any way. Freedom of thought and speech would be under direct assault through this international scam.

Muslim regimes like the Saudis will actually use the law to support their continued discrimination against other religions. It is illegal to even display a cross in Saudi Arabia where they consider the practice of other religions to be an affront to Islam.

Also, the Muslim nations will use the law to bring lawsuits in international courts against writers, cartoonists, the press, and other religionists who say anything against Islam or offend in anyway. The name of this dangerous resolution should really be: “Combating Any Supposed or Perceived Criticism of Islam”.               *Top

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6 Responses to -UN: A Law Against Criticism of Islam?

  1. Naeem

    If Saudis are asking for protecting only Islam, I disagree. There should be a law for global blasphemy that may protect each religion and faith equally.

    There shouldn’t a law affecting basic speech rights. But there should be a law to realize decency and indecency. To respect others faiths, beholds a high value rather than one who insults others faiths. If we didn’t make such a law which protects respect of every faith, next generation will. Then why not we?

  2. Dr. D

    Thanks for visiting and for your comments.

    To respect all faiths would be a worthy goal, but who determines what is to be considered blasphemy?
    The law is too open ended and not well defined.

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