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-Unhappy Responses to eHarmony Settlement

by Dr. D ~ December 1st, 2008

image image Last month eHarmony.com settled a New Jersey lawsuit by agreeing to provide a new dating service website for gays and lesbians. The lawsuit had carried on for over 3 years and according to the eHarmony executives it had become an economic drain on the company. Here is a link to an article with details about the settlement.

eHarmony started as a Christian organization that received considerable support and publicity from Focus on the Family. The founder- Dr. Neil Clark Warren is a professing Christian who initially expressed opposition to providing a dating service for homosexuals. Now has been forced into it by the settlement.

The response to the settlement in Christian quarters has been quite negative. Many feel betrayed–that eHarmony gave up when they should have continued the fight all the way to the US Supreme Court. Many believe that the settlement sets a precedence that exposes other Christian companies to similar lawsuits.

Here are two unhappy responses to the settlement: Peter LaBarbera and Dr. Ken Hutcherson.

Response: Forcing a business to provide services that they never intended to provide is an abuse of power by the State of New Jersey. To force owners of a business to provide services that are actually contrary to their religious beliefs is an abuse of the worse kind. Tolerance in this case goes only one direction?

There are already dating sites for gays so it isn’t really a case that anyone’s rights are being diminished in any way except those of the Christian owner.

Does one have a legal right to force a vegetarian restaurant to serve meat? A Jewish or Muslim meat market to serve pork? Should Ford dealers be forced to sell Chevrolets and lose money in the process? If you don’t like what a business offers find one that gives you what you want.

When did the state get the right to determine a businesses marketing plan?  This case was far too important to be resolved in the way that it was–shame on eHarmony for accepting the deal.            *Top 

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