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-India: A Summary of Anti-Christian Violence

by Dr. D ~ November 17th, 2008

Map (Orissa -darkened area) via Wikipedia


This has been a very bad year for Christians in India, particularly those living in the state of Orissa. Here is a summary of the unbelievable persecution and violence against Christians so far this year:

-In Orissa State, 65 identified people have been killed and 85 are still unaccounted for.
Among those killed were one man buried alive near the village of Rudangla; several
people burnt to death and others cut into pieces.

– 117 churches of all Christian denominations destroyed. Not a single Hindu temple has
been destroyed – despite allegations of retaliation by Christians.

– Approximately 5,000 homes destroyed.

– An unspecified number of Christian businesses destroyed, with the loss of livelihood for
their owners.

– 54,000 people displaced from their homes, forced to take shelter in 14 State-sponsored
Relief Camps in Kandhamal District; together with many hundreds living in non-State
camps, including 2 ‘camps’ in densely overcrowded buildings in Cuttsack town.

– It is estimated that about 20,000 are still living in the jungle or have fled to big cities.
Some may be living with relatives elsewhere.

– In addition to the violence in Kandhamal District, 2 other Districts, Japati and Baragras
District, have also experienced similar atrocities, including killings, looting and burning
of churches and homes. 2 Relief camps have been established for approximately 2,700
people who have had to flee their homes.

Response: It was really hard to keep up with all the persecution against Christians this year in India, especially in the state of Orissa. With the publication of this article by Christianity Today, you can see that thousands of Christians were affected by the persecution.

Figures like–‘54,000 displaced from their homes’ are hard to imagine– and ‘5,000 homes destroyed’ with 65 dead and 85 still missing– really does confirm that the police and authorities not only did little to stop the violence but lends credence to the claims that some were actually involved in the atrocities.        *Top 

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