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-California: Marriage Issue–Back to the Courts

by Dr. D ~ November 7th, 2008

Same Sex Marriage

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On Tuesday, the people voted and passed Proposition 8–re-instituting traditional marriage in California.

On Wednesday, the lawyers for the gay marriage agenda put the issue back into the court system before activist judges who created the problem in the first place. They are hoping that the California Supreme Court will rule in their favor once more, overturning the explicit will of the people.

Brad Dacus of the pro-family Pacific Justice Institute responded to the legal challenge with the following observations:

"They’re attempting once again, of course, to thwart the will of the voters of California by another lawsuit. We at the Pacific Justice Institute will not take this lying down."

He further notes that the same Justices who legalized homosexual marriage are still in place on the California Supreme Court:

"But if they decide to strike down this amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman; if they decide to do that after unilaterally redefining marriage themselves just a few months ago, …without question every one of them will be taken out of office."

It seems that the marriage issue in California is far from over in spite of the expressed wishes demonstrated by the voters on Tuesday.             *Top 

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1 Response to -California: Marriage Issue–Back to the Courts

  1. Tailypoe

    So You Think telling gay people who in all probability don’t care a fig for what you say that taking their rights to civil union away will help them be less evil will help anyones cause ?

    Also, pro – life is akin to animal rights in its inherent contradictory and unable-to-be-serious-about nature.

    so you know all about the nwo ?

    well not all.

    Really. There is noting in the Bible that calls for jumping on cultural bandwagons without thinking about how exactly christianity fits into that kind of herd mentality.


    But you should be able to get well over it.

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