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-Traditional Marriage Wins in California

by Dr. D ~ November 6th, 2008

imageProposition 8 won by a 52-48% margin in California overturning same-sex marriage. Also elsewhere Tuesday, traditional marriage amendments passed in Arizona and Florida.

According to Frank Schubert, co-manager of the Yes on 8 campaign:

“People believe in the institution of marriage. It’s one institution that crosses ethnic divides, that crosses partisan divides…. People have stood up because they care about marriage — and they care a great deal.”

This is born out in the exit polls by The Associated Press which found that 70% of the black voters, who turned out for Obama, voted for traditional marriage, and Latino voters also substantially supported the measure.

One question yet to be resolved–what will happen to the 18,000 or so same-sex couples who have been married since the court ruling in June? According to California Attorney General Jerry Brown, the marriages will continue to be valid.            *Top

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